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The Durham Bank Holiday Car Show

A few weeks ago Bob Luke was approached by Malcolm Vance, an old friend of his from the Mercedes club. Malcolm had been approached by Durham Council and asked if he could arrange a car show in Durham. The car show was to be in five different locations in the city.

Malcolm asked Bob if the MG Club would be interested in the Elvet Bridge to display 15 pre 1999 cars. Bob contacted me and we agreed that it was a superb venue even if it was short notice we reckoned we could put something together. The weather on the day was bright and warm as we lined up on the bridge, the passing public came in the droves and chatted to our club members asking them lots of questions about the cars. Roy Kingan allowed a lot of the visitors to sit in his car and have their picture taken. Early in the afternoon Malcolm Vance came around and told us that Colin Wilkes, the head man at Durham Council was extremely pleased at the turnout and had asked a well known concours judge, Neville Wright, to pick out a car in each of the five groups and Malcolm presented the winners with a trophy.

The day passed quickly, I managed to visit the other car club sites in the city but I reckon we had the best location and it was well laid out. Bob mentioned that we could easily have had twenty cars on the bridge and I had to agree with him, if they are going to have this as an annual event we will push for more cars and more notice and definitely the same venue, Elvet Bridge was just perfect for the display. Finally, many thanks to Bob Luke for all his work in arranging it at very short notice. Everyone agreed it was definitely a great day.

Our worthy winner was Roy Kingan and his MG TA.

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