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MGF/TF run in North Yorkshire

Sunday the 25th February was bright and sunny and I met up with

David Stones and Rod Anderson at Bowburn Services and we were soon joined by Jim and Julia Little and set off down to Scotch Corner where we met up with most of the North Yorkshire MGF and TF group before heading down to the very picturesque Jervaux Abbey for a coffee stop and chat with the rest of the group. There were 28 MGF’s and TF’s at Jervauxand it was good to meet up with a lot of old friends, past members of the Durham Club and I guess after the interest that was shown, more than a few potential new members as well.

It was good to see all the varieties and models of cars, there was a turbocharged VVC pushing out 260 BHP that I would have loved to try and probably frighten myself with, all of the cars were very smart and I was pleased I had washed mine the day before.

Jim and Julia Little in their very smart MGF

There was a run around North Yorkshire planned that I unfortunately couldn’t take part in but I was subsequently informed that it was over amazing country roads. I would like to thank Steve Gibson and the guys from the MGF/TF group for organising it and will look forward to joining them again in the future..

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