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From our Roving Reporter

Last month, like I normally do, I wrote a few words about the Classic Motor Show which I attended at the NEC in Birmingham. Two weeks later, there I was again enjoying another Motor Show but this time at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. It was by total chance that I stumbled across the 60th Annual Auto Show as I only found out about it as it was advertised on the side o

f a passing bus.

The show was not a classic car show, but a show of manufacture’s latest models and concept models and as you might expect from a Californian Car Show, there was no shortage of Pickup Trucks that would be totally unsuitable for a modest English car park. Aside from that, there was a colossal display of modern vehicles, many of which will be coming to the UK soon. Manufactures included Ford, BMW, KIA etc but despite my best efforts, I was not able to find a single MG in sight.

Being able to experience an American Motor Show was a nice (and unexpected) touch to my holiday, although I am not entirely convinced my girlfriend felt the same! I even manage to find a MGA parked in a side street close to the Golden Gate Bridge, it did look a little sorry for itself though!

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