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The Aston Martin Workshop Show

The Durham Club received an invitation via the MGOC to attend a show at the Aston Works on Saturday the 28th April. I called the contact and asked for further details anticipating that we could take 20 to 30 cars only to be told we were restricted to 10 cars.

The day was very cold and overcast and eventually only 9 cars arrived. They had a very efficient layout with lots of marshals and lots of very expensive and exotic cars. After a welcome cup of coffee we had a walk around and watched the cars arriving before looking in the showroom at some of the cars for sale. They had a rare Aston MGB, the one with taller windscreen a snip at only £40k but the biggest shock was a Mini Cooper S for £85k. It was an interesting and

enjoyable but very cold day.

STOP PRESS: As I write this I have Just received a call from Clive Dickinson, the show organizer and he was asking about one of the cars on our stand, it would appear that Tom Bolton has won a rosette for his immaculate MGB Roadster, well done Tom.

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