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Shildon National Railway Museum

Following the successful event last year at the Bowes Museum our Secretary Mike

Forbes asked me if I could organise a similar event in 2017. I thought about contacting Bowes but decided to leave it until later in the year when the weather was warmer. I then decided to contact the Shildon NRM and asked them if we could have a show at their location. They were very quick with a positive reply, and as it was free to enter and a nice location with hard standing and not too far for all to travel I decided to go ahead.

I thought that it would also be a good idea to have some of my friends from the Rover 75 and MG ZT Club attend, and posted up on the forum that this was a joint event with all welcome. On the day, I arrived at Shildon at around 0930 hrs to ensure that when those attending arrived I would be able to show them exactly where to park. During the next hour a large number of owners arrived, and we had around 12 cars from Durham MG Club and 29 cars from the Rover 75 and MG ZT Club attend.

Everybody was given a pass for their windscreen and a voting form so that they could judge for themselves the best in each of the 5 categories I had determined.

During the course of the day, members returned their voting forms, made use of the museum facilities and wandered around the model toy fair which was on display. During the day, we had lots of visitors come and view some of the fabulous cars on display in front of the museum, even my brother in law took the time to pop down and view all the cars, he was impressed with the number who had made the journey, with one member of the 75 and ZT Club, travelling all the way from Essex, leaving at 0615 hrs

The winners in each category were:

Pre 1960

Winner - Ian Tuncliffe - Riley

Runner Up - Bob Barnham-Hall - MG Y


Winner – Bob Luke - (Aqua MGB Roadster)

Runner Up – Tony Quinn - (Gold MGB Roadster)


Winner - Dave Stones - MG TF

Runner Up - Dave Sandersfield - MG TF

Rover75/MG ZT

Winner - Steve Marshall Rover 75

Runner Up - Steve and Lydia MG ZT


Winner - Tony watson - Jaguar S Type R

Runner Up - Will Shotton - Ford Focus RS

It was also nice to See Maurice and Alison Scott turn up, and a thanks to Maurice for being the official photographer

Members started to depart around 15.30 hrs.

I hope that you all had a great day out at the show

Stuart McNulty

Many thanks to Stuart for organising this excellnt event Mike Forbes

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