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From our Roving Reporter (Part 1)

Kath and I have just returned from a self driving holiday in the North West USA and the picture of Steve Overall admiring a much modified Ford Pop at Ryhope reminded us of our last day driving back to Seattle up the Oregon Coast. We pulled into a small place called Ilwaco looking for a coffee stop. There in the car park were a large number of beautifully modified vehicles. As you do you get into conversation and find out what is happening.

They were heading to a town up the coast called Long Beach. We had a long journey and a plane to catch but it seemed worth the detour to Long Beach. The nearer we got the more cars we saw and on arriving in town both sides of the main drag were lined with some fantastic machinery, those that could not get parked in town were just cruising up and down the main street. They were nearly all Hot Rods or Rat Rods with one or two what we would call concours cars. We talked to very many proud owners. The purple Ford had been modified to do the 1/4 mile. I was told it was quick, “and I mean really --- quick”. The only British car we saw was a Triumph in the back ground of the purple Ford. Some of the Rat Rods were unbelievable with roofs cut off, artificial rust, bits hanging off all absolutely immaculate.

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